About Global Motion Products


During the last half-century the small dc motor market in North America, roughly defined at 28 mm (1.1 inch) in diameter and under, has seen great success garnered by a handful of European Companies.


Their success has been due to the RANGE and MODULARITY of their product offering, high product quality, a factory trained sales force of degreed sales and application engineers, and manufacturing flexibility in regards to lubricants, bearings, wire leads, windings, gearboxes, and position transducers.

Simply stated, they satisfied the need for “more than just a small motor”, all from one vendor.


Their physical presence in the US promoted a business and technical dialog experience akin to dealing with an American Company. Language barriers, foreign currency headaches, importation hurdles, time zone annoyances, non-technical liaisons all disappeared.

The need for a quality professional selection and procurement process for those requiring small drive systems frequently composed of a dc motor, gearbox and encoder was seamlessly satisfied.


At Global Motion Products our mission is to provide equally successful results by harnessing “select” quality vendors worldwide. Our channel partners offer multiple core competences and technologies, and we integrate them into miniature drive products. GMP offers a wider choice of options than that of companies “married” to a single core technology.


GMP’s engineering team offers more than 100 years combined practical experience in small and miniature motor applications. We successfully address the technical questions, specification process, communications, foreign exchange, and importation challenges. Language is not an issue as our staff member are fluent in multiple Chinese dialects, including Mandarin, Cantonese, and deal with them on daily basis. We have personally visited and qualified every partner and are in contact with them daily.


Global Motion Products provides you with multiple technologies and integration resulting in an “engineered solution” for your specific application. Engineered solutions that are extremely cost effective with the advantage of dealing with an American Company experienced in motion control products.


Our present range of solutions include:


    • Brushless DC Motors – Slotless

    • Brushless DC Motors – Slotted

    • Coreless DC Motors

    • Custom Designs Integrating our Products

    • Gearmotors – Coreless DC

    • Gearmotors – Iron Core DC

    • Iron Core DC Motors

    • Optical and Magnetic Encoders

    • Precision Planetary Gearboxes

    • Precision Spur Gearboxes

    • Stepper Motor Parts Sets (unhoused)

    • Stepper Motors with Gearboxes – Permanent Magnet

    • Value Added Services – Mounting gears, connectors, leads, etc.


    Our smallest gearmotor is 6 mm diameter while our most powerful Brushless DC Motor is 1.2 kWatt. Please give us a try. We know our stuff!