Slotless Brushless DC Motors

Surface Wound Brushless DC Motors


In general, Brushless DC motors sport longer life and higher speeds than brush motors.  The reason is that the switching of the current in the field windings is accomplished electronically rather than mechanically with brush and commutator like a typical dc motor.  Therefore, the sole components that can wear out are the bearings. Since the windings are closer to the outside periphery of the motor body they also exhibit superior thermal dissipation characteristics commensurate with a shorter thermal path to ambient. 


These Slotless Brushless DC Motors, also know as Surface Wound Brushless DC Motors, are free of cogging and have low inductance and electrical time constant.  The use of High Energy Neodymium Boron Iron Magnets gives high power to Volume and Weight Ratios while the inner rotating rotor configuration makes for a very short mechanical time constant and superior power dissipation. They range from the diminutive 8mm diameter sensorless version up to 43 mm diameter versions.   In our Slotted Brushless offering we offer sizes up to 110 mm square with mechanical powers exceeding 1,200 Watts.  RoHS compliance is the norm.

Sensorless, Hall Effect Transducer equipped, and Integral Drive Electronics are available.  Not all options are available in the wide range of diameters and lengths offered.


The Options include:


    • 3 Channel Optical Encoders


    • 3 Channel Optical Encoders With Commutation Tracks


    • Complementary Drive Electronics


    • Connectors


    • Custom Anodizing


    • Hall Transducer Versions


    • High Torque Planetary Gearboxes


    • Integral Drive Electronics Versions


    • Integral Thermal Sensors


    • Lubrication


    • Planetary and Spur Gearboxes


    • Sensorless Versions


    • Threaded Front And Rear Mounting



    Applications include, but are not limited to: Powered surgical hand tools, electrically powered aircraft such as unmanned aircraft (UAV), Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), electric powered files, professional nail care, dental laboratory tools, woodcarving tools, electronic debriding devices, dental hygienists, drilling, infusion pumps, air moving devices, direct-drive turntables, liquid pumping applications, and a multitude of optical and scanning applications. 

    You’ll find brushless dc motors in the hands of surgeons, doctors, manicurists, artists, jewelers, gunsmiths, tool and die makers, dental lab technicians, audiophiles and being remotely controlled by surveillance, military, law enforcement professional and hobbyists, to name a few.  Fundamentally Slotless Brushless DC motors are employed anywhere small size, light weight, long life, high speed, smooth rotation, and/or high power is needed.


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    Slotless Brushless DC Motor Matrix
    Diameter Length Peak Power Up To Nominal Voltage Commutation Part Datasheet PDF
    (mm) (mm) (Watts) (Volts) (Sensorless/Hal)l (Number) (Download Here)
    8 13 0.04 5 Sensorless B08E05BZ000 pdf icon
    12 30 42 24 Sensorless B12E24SG000 pdf icon
    12 30 13 8-9 Sensorless B12ExxSG000 pdf icon
    16 56 109.3 24 Sensorless B16E24BZ000 pdf icon
    16 56 101.9 24 Hall Effect B16E24BZ010 pdf icon
    16 56 109.7 32 Sensorless B16E32BZ000 pdf icon
    16 56 104.8 32 Hall Effect B16E32BZ010 pdf icon
    22 32 1.5 6 Hall Effect B22E06BZ000 pdf icon
    22 32 5.2 24 Hall Effect B22E24BZ040 pdf icon
    22 32 5 19 Hall Effect B22E18BZ000 pdf icon
    22 43 27 24 Hall Effect B22E24BZ060 pdf icon
    22 50 157 24 Hall Effect B22E24BZ065 pdf icon
    22 50 257.6 24 Hall Effect B22E24BZ000 pdf icon
    26 44 42.0 24 Hall Effect B26E24BZ000 pdf icon
    30 56 28.7 24 Hall Effect B30E24BZ000 pdf icon
    30 64 20.0 24 Hall Effect B30E24BZ010 pdf icon
    32 60 444.0 24 Hall Effect B32E24BZ000 pdf icon
    35 61 128.5 24 Hall Effect B35E24BZ000 pdf icon
    35 64 57 24 Hall Effect B30E24BZ050 pdf icon
    43 71 640 24 Hall Effect B43E24PZ000 pdf icon