Magnetic Encoders

GMP’s Optical and Magnetic Encoder offerings are intended only for customers that are procuring a complete dc motor/encoder or dc gearmotor/encoder assembly. We do not sell theses encoders separately.
Magnetic Encoders – Low Cost
One of the most exciting offerings is low cost integrated magnetic encoders in both single track and quadrature variants. These encoders are integrated in iron core dc motors from 12 mm in diameter to 54 mm diameter. Gearboxes include Spur, Planetary, and a limited offering of right angle gearboxes. They are offered with standard 100 mm cables and connectors.
In spite of their low cost many offer optional dust covers or encoder caps. For production quantities custom connectors and cable length are offered.
10mm Integrated Low Power Encoder: pdf icon
13mm Integrated 3 Channel Encoder: pdf icon
16mm Integrated 3 Channel Encoder: pdf icon
Click here to download more information about our Magnetic Encoders:  pdf icon