Metal Spur Gearboxes

Metal Spur Planetary Gearboxes



This series of Metal Planetary Gearboxes ranges from 10 x 12 mm rectangular to 37 mm diameter. Spur gearbox designs, when compared to planetary gearbox designs (which we also offer), have the following salient differences:



• Lower Mechanical Noise – There are less gears moving for a given ratio.

• Shorter overall length.

• Lower Cost – fewer components, less expensive housing, and a simplified construction.

• Lower input friction torque.   Important in battery powered or power sensitive applications.   There is only one gear meshing with the motor pinion.

• Increased flexibility for first gear stage options such as gear type and material.



The series has been designed from inception as a VALUE offering mating:



• Coreless DC Motors – Often Ideal for battery-powered applications.

• Iron Core dc motors – Generally the most Watts per unit cost.

• Brushless dc – Where commutation/brush wear must be eliminated or brush   contamination is unacceptable. EMI and RFI are also lower.

• Stepper motors – Where the discrete actuation of a stepper motor and its detent torque  are an advantage, such as in some pump applications.



Additionally where very high  torque at relatively low input speeds and the lack of sliding electrical contacts are  preferred or necessary.



• Magnetic And Optical Encoder Motor Options – Where velocity and/or position  feedback in required.

• Customer specified motor wiring harnesses, connectors, etc. for the motive force.

• Options for the First Stage include: plastic, Bakelite, brass, steel, and in some cases spur  vs. helical, depending on series.

• Lubrication Options.

• Bearing Options in most cases sleeve or ball bearings.

• Custom Part Numbers for OEM Clients.

• Quality Assurance Options.

• RoHS Compliant.



Applications include: disposable medical devices, robotics, heating/cooling vent actuation, motorized blinds and shades, locking mechanisms, pumps, security cameras, vehicle actuation of windows and skylights, currency counting/dispensing mechanisms, vending and dispensing apparatus, and home automation.



Download Spur Gearboxes PDFs:


12mm Metal Spur Gearbox

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14mm Metal Spur Gearbox

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14mm Metal Spur Gearbox-B

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20mm Metal Spur Gearbox

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